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Address: 770 Bristol Ferry Road Age: 47

Political party: Democrat Previous terms: Town Council, 2014-present.


Civil engineer

Education: I graduated from Portsmouth High School in 1986, and received a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Rhode Island in 1992.

Family: Married to wife, Erin, with three children, Ava, Gage and Emme. I have lived in town for about 42 years.

Reason for running: I am seeking re-election to the Town Council because I care about the citizens and the town of Portsmouth. I feel that in my short time on the council I have gained a greater appreciation and understanding for the responsibility that goes along with being an elected official. My goal as a member of the council is to have a positive impact on the community by representing the citizens with honesty and integrity and by making decisions that are in the best interest of the town. I believe the right decisions are the decisions that will help grow the town, provide financial responsibility, support our schools, improve our infrastructure, and protect the quality of life for all citizens in the town of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is my home. It is where I grew up and it is where my wife and I chose to raise our family. I am seeking re-election because I want to help make the right decisions to protect our community and maintain the quality of life in Portsmouth for future generations.

Most important issues: The most important decision facing my constituents on Election Day will be whether or not to support the proposed police station ballot question requesting approval for up to $10 million of additional debt. The results of the Feasibility and Space Needs Study completed for the police station identified that the existing station is undersized and provides about one-third the space recommended. The study also identified several safety, security and health issues in the existing building. The men and women we entrust to protect our citizens and keep our community safe should also be afforded a safe environment to work in. If the bond is approved, there is sufficient time for the town to work with the project design team to develop a comprehensive set of plans and specifications to keep the project on schedule and within budget. A new police station is a priority for the town and a capital investment that will contribute to improving the quality of life for our community for years to come.

Top priorities: 1. Budget - The town has a responsibility to provide the citizens with municipal services while also maintaining roads, parks, open space and facilities that contribute to our quality of life. Taxes currently account for approximately 82 percent of the town's revenue, which therefore demands the need for fiscal responsibility when reviewing revenues, expenditures and planning for the town's financial future. If re-elected, I will continue to make it a priority to develop fiscally responsible budgets that provide cost savings, as well as initiatives to enhance and create new revenue streams.

2. Comprehensive Community Plan Update - Portsmouth is in the process of updating the comprehensive community plan.

The plan provides the basic foundation for land use regulation and it provides a framework for achieving the town's goals. My responsibility as a town councilor is to actively participate in the process and to ensure, to the best of my ability, that the new plan reflects the community's planning goals with respect to land use, housing, economic development, natural and cultural resources, water quality, resource protection, septic, soil preservation, air quality, open space and recreation, circulation/ transportation, and agriculture.

The process to update the plan must be a collaborative effort between the citizens of Portsmouth, the town planner, the planning board and the Town Council.

3. Former Navy Tank Farm - In May 2015, the Town Council deactivated the Portsmouth Redevelopment Agency and in doing so the council became the Local Redevelopment Agency responsible for implementing a redevelopment plan for the former Navy Tank Farm. The town has since retained a consultant to evaluate development options for the site. The consultant is scheduled to present options at a Town Council meeting in early November. If re-elected, I plan to get involved with the planning process to convert the land into viable development that will grow the commercial and industrial tax base.

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