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Address: 28 Sprague St.

Age: 24

Political party: Democrat


terms: n/a


Allen's Wine and Spirits.


Currently three years into a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering.

Family: I have lived in town for 23 years, and have no wife or kids, yet.

Reason for running: To ensure that the premium quality of life for Portsmouth residents is continued through future generations. I have lived here my entire life, and plan on staying. I would like to give back to the town, as it has given so much to me.

Most important issues: I think our town is in pretty good shape as of now. I commend the current council for solving the wind turbine problem, which for a while did not look good. What I am most concerned about currently is the lawsuit that the former PCC-dominated council got us into in 2011, by ignoring legal advice and abandoning the Heidi Drive Extension. When the damages to be awarded to abutters were estimated at $1 million, the council awarded $0 in damage. This kind of reckless behavior destroys efficiency, increases the burden on taxpayers, and erodes trust between citizens and government.

Top priorities: 1. Support our school system. Portsmouth has some of the best schools in the state. We need to ensure that the quality of Portsmouth education is maintained while keeping the budget under control.

2. Continuing to explore new and creative sources of revenue, such as expanding the use of town properties like The Glen, developing the former Navy tank farms on the west side of the island for possible industrial use, and making our town buildings more energy efficient through the implementation of renewable energy sources.

3. Avoiding any action destructive to the town, like the 2011 decision by the PCCdominated council to abandon the Heidi Drive Extension. Thanks to the interests of a few, the town was involved in an unnecessary lawsuit that cost the town, and will ultimately burden the taxpayers.

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