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Address: 2651 East Main Road Age: 49

Political party: Democrat Previous terms: n/a Profession: Contractor/builder, hardwood flooring expert.

Education: Associates degree in electronic engineering, Tampa, Fla., 1997.

Family: I have lived in town for 40-plus years. I am divorced with no children.

My sister and mother live in town, and I have three nephews.

Reason for running: To help the town navigate these financially troubling times and move the discussion back to “center.” And to keep the town as close to the shared vision we all have for it as possible.

Most important issues: Two words: tax rate. While the town's tax rate has not reached desperate levels yet, low and middle income families are finding it harder and harder to meet their dayto- day obligations. We need to slow the town's budget growth and limit the use of “fees” as a alternative to tax increases. Smarter government, smarter spending.

Top priorities: Taxes: Reform the way we do business. Use the properties the town currently holds to help slow the growth of the tax rate and end the use of “fees” as an alternative to tax increases. If we need an increase, at least have the decency to not lie about it and call it a “fee.”

Infrastructure: Our roads are still terrible, both the town's and the state's.

To attract growth, we need great roads, not “serviceable” roads.

Zoning: The town's zoning regulations are confusing and not applied equally.

It's time to take a long look at them, rewrite them and end the “different answers for different people” rulings of the Zoning Board.

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