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New welcome center is a true gem

There is a new attraction in Newport!

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend the ribbon-cutting of the new welcome center at the Breakers. I was amazed by the beauty of the building. As I walked in, I overheard two ladies next to me say, “this building is exquisite, don't know what all the controversy was about.”

The concept of the welcome center pitted friends and neighbors against each other for years due to the center's location and the unknown. What was designed and built is truly a work of art that everyone should be proud of. The building perfectly blends into the environment and the grounds of The Breakers. The hand-cut copper roof tiles, the natural lighting, and the beautiful landscaping all come together to give Newport a true gem of a welcome center.

This building is something everyone should see and experience. It takes the Preservation Society into the 21st century.

The Breakers welcomed 450,000 visitors last year. What they first saw were Porta-Johns and a tent to buy tickets. Now there is a world-class welcome center where people can get “tickets, toilets and tea.” Congratulations to the Newport Preservation Society and the city of Newport for such an amazing building and for continuing to be so welcoming to the general public.

David Rosenberg, Newport

President Trump, American idol

To those who think Donald Trump is not sufficiently patriotic, surely his salute to a North Korean general dispels such a cynical evaluation. The Nobel Prize for obsequious respect toward a dictator's military thug and oppressor must go to our well-prepared president.

Let our chests swell with pride, and the honor and dignity of the presidency shine. What a great era in American exceptionalism. We can strut and brag and support this honorable man's debasement of the fake media as Stalin did in Russia.

The Justice Department? Who needs a justice department when we have such an all-American idol leading the country? The 40 percent who support him no matter what lead us to glory and the perfection of liberal democracy. Who cares that the founding fathers created a liberal democracy? We know better. God bless North Korean generals.

Minot Davis, Newport

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